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Statutes Text

Article - Economic Development


    (a)    The Center may disseminate information and materials pertinent to clean energy technology, financing, and development in the State, for persons engaged in the clean energy industry as developers, manufacturers, and installers, as well as for consumers and financial institutions, including information on available federal, State, and private financial assistance and technical assistance.

    (b)    The Center may:

        (1)    cooperate with and provide assistance to local governments, instrumentalities, and research entities in the State; and

        (2)    coordinate clean energy technology development, education, and deployment activities with programs of the federal government and of governmental units and public and private entities in and outside the State.

    (c)    The Center may conduct the activities under this section in consultation with the Administration.

    (d)    The Maryland Environmental Service, the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, and other State economic development units shall cooperate with the Center and may make available to the Center resources and expertise for the evaluation of project financing and coordination of financing between the Center and other economic development units.

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