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Statutes Text

Article - Criminal Law


    (a)    An organization shall submit an application for a bingo license to the sheriff.

    (b)    A principal officer of the organization shall certify in the application for a bingo license:

        (1)    the name and address of the organization;

        (2)    the name and address of the officer seeking the license for the organization;

        (3)    that the officer is authorized by the organization to file the application;

        (4)    the time and place of bingo;

        (5)    that, within 15 days after the last day named in the application for the license to conduct bingo, a principal officer of the organization will file under penalties of perjury the report required by § 13-2109 of this subtitle;

        (6)    that bingo will be conducted solely and personally by the regular members of the organization, without the assistance of gaming professionals; and

        (7)    that no compensation or reward will be paid to a person for conducting or assisting in conducting bingo.

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