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Article - Commercial Law


    (a)    Notwithstanding any election of law or designation of situs in any contract, this subtitle applies to any contract for credit services if:

        (1)    The credit services business offers or agrees to sell, provide, or perform any services to a resident of this State;

        (2)    A resident of this State accepts or makes the offer in this State to purchase the services of the credit services business; or

        (3)    The credit services business makes any verbal or written solicitation or communication that originates either inside or outside of this State but is received in the State by a resident of this State.

    (b)    A credit services business is required to be licensed under this subtitle and is subject to the licensing, investigatory, enforcement, and penalty provisions of this subtitle and Title 11, Subtitle 3 of the Financial Institutions Article.

    (c)    (1)    A license required by this subtitle shall be issued by the Commissioner.

        (2)    The unique identifier of the licensee shall constitute the license number for the license.

    (d)    A person not included within the definition of a credit services business as provided in § 14-1901(e)(3) of this subtitle is exempt from licensure requirements under this subtitle.

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