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Article - Business Regulation

§16–603.    IN EFFECT


    (a)    (1)    Each manufacturer shall submit to the Executive Director written certification attesting that each cigarette has been tested in accordance with and has met the performance standard required under § 16–602 of this subtitle.

        (2)    A certification under paragraph (1) of this subsection may not list more than 50 cigarettes.

    (b)    The description of each cigarette listed in the certification shall include:

        (1)    the brand or trade name on the package;

        (2)    the style, such as light or ultra light;

        (3)    the length in millimeters;

        (4)    the circumference in millimeters;

        (5)    the flavor, such as menthol or chocolate, if applicable;

        (6)    whether filtered or nonfiltered;

        (7)    a package description, such as a soft pack or box;

        (8)    the mark approved in accordance with § 16–604 of this subtitle;

        (9)    if different from the manufacturer, the name, address, and telephone number of the laboratory that conducted the test; and

        (10)    the date of the testing.

    (c)    The certification shall be made available to:

        (1)    the Attorney General and the State Fire Prevention Commission for purposes consistent with this subtitle; and

        (2)    the Executive Director for the purpose of ensuring compliance with this section.

    (d)    (1)    Each cigarette certified under this section shall be recertified every 3 years.

        (2)    If a manufacturer of a cigarette that has been certified under this section makes a change that is likely to alter the cigarette’s compliance with the performance standard under § 16–602(e) of this subtitle, that cigarette may not be sold in this State until the manufacturer, in accordance with § 16–602 of this subtitle, retests and maintains the proper records of the testing.

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