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Statutes Text

Article - Business Regulation


    The Commission shall include in its annual report to the Legislative Policy Committee of the Maryland General Assembly:

        (1)    the effect of satellite simulcast betting on the racing industry in the State;

        (2)    an appraisal of each permit holder, taking into consideration the results of inspections required under this section and any financial information that is submitted to the Commission;

        (3)    if any additional permit has been granted under this section:

            (i)    the reasons for granting the permit; and

            (ii)    the anticipated impact of the new facility on existing permit holders and racing licensees; and

        (4)    if an application for a permit or permit renewal has been denied:

            (i)    the reasons for denying the permit or renewal; and

            (ii)    the impact on racing licensees if the Commission denied a permit renewal application.

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