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Article - Business Regulation


    A horse may be registered with the Maryland Horse Breeders Association, Inc., only if the horse was foaled in Maryland as shown by a foal certificate from the Jockey Club and:

        (1)    the breeder of the horse has maintained a place of abode in Maryland for more than 9 months immediately before registration;

        (2)    the breeder of the horse keeps breeding stock continually in Maryland;

        (3)    the horse was conceived in Maryland during the previous season;

        (4)    the horse’s dam was sent to Maryland to foal and after foaling was covered only by a Maryland stallion during the season of the horse’s birth; or

        (5)    if the horse’s dam dies, is permanently retired, or is certified by a veterinarian as unable to be bred, the horse resided in the State for at least 6 months after the horse was foaled.

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