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Statutes Text

Article - Business Occupations and Professions


    (a)    The State Board may not suspend a State license for more than 1 year.

    (b)    The State Board may not revoke a State license for less than 1 year.

    (c)    If a State license is suspended, the State Board may allow the licensee to complete a contract to provide electrical services that is in progress and uncompleted at the time of suspension.

    (d)    (1)    If a State license is revoked, the State Board may reinstate the State license after 1 year.

        (2)    A State license that has been revoked may be reinstated under this subsection if:

            (i)    the individual whose State license has been revoked submits a written request to the State Board;

            (ii)    the State Board holds a hearing on the request; and

            (iii)    the State Board makes a determination to reinstate the State license.

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