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Statutes Text

Article - Agriculture


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Best management practice” means a conservation or pollution control practice that manages soil loss due to farming practices or manages nutrients, animal wastes, or agricultural chemicals so as to minimize movement into the surface waters of the State.

    (c)    “Eligible cost” means a capital expenditure for installing, purchasing, or constructing a best management practice. It does not include the cost of land or interests in land, or the costs of operating or maintaining best management practices.

    (d)    “Fixed natural filter practice” means one of the following practices:

        (1)    The planting of riparian forest buffers;

        (2)    The planting of riparian herbaceous cover;

        (3)    Tree plantings that are:

            (i)    On agricultural land; and

            (ii)    Outside a riparian buffer;

        (4)    Wetland restoration; or

        (5)    Pasture management, including rotational grazing systems such as:

            (i)    Livestock fencing; and

            (ii)    Watering systems implemented as part of the conversion of cropland to pasture.

    (e)    “Person” means an individual, partnership, corporation, trust, or other business enterprise which as an owner, landlord, or tenant, participates in the operation of a farm.

    (f)    “Pooling agreement” means a written agreement between persons, approved by the Secretary of Agriculture, to perform best management practices and which is intended to solve a mutual pollution problem on different farms.

    (g)    “Project” means a project to prevent or control agriculturally related nonpoint source water pollution by establishing best management practices on a farm.

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