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Statutes Text

Article - Agriculture


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Committee” means the State Soil Conservation Committee.

    (c)    “Conservation” means the wise utilization of natural resources and includes any one or more of the following: the development, improvement, maintenance, protection or preservation of these resources; the control and prevention of flood water and sediment damage; and the controlled disposal of water.

    (d)    “County” means every county of the State, excluding Baltimore City unless expressly designated.

    (e)    “District” means a soil conservation district, a political subdivision of the State continued in accordance with the provisions of this subtitle.

    (f)    “Due notice” means notice published at least twice, with an interval of at least seven days between the two publication dates, in a newspaper or other publication of general circulation within the appropriate area. If no publication of general circulation is available, the notice may be posted at a reasonable number of conspicuous places within the appropriate area, including if possible, public places where it is customary to post notices concerning county or municipal affairs generally. At any hearing held pursuant to the notice, at the time and place designated in the notice, adjournment may be made without renewing notice for the adjourned dates.

    (g)    “Land occupier” means any person holding title to or possessing any lands lying within a district, whether as owner, lessee, tenant, or otherwise.

    (h)    “Supervisor” means a member of the governing body of a district.

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