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Statutes Text

Article - Agriculture


    (a)    On or before January 1, 2017, an animal shelter shall establish and make available to the public on the animal shelter’s Web site or in a conspicuous location within the animal shelter’s facility:

        (1)    A written protocol for reclaiming animals from the animal shelter that includes:

            (i)    The minimum holding period for stray animals;

            (ii)    The hours of operation during which an animal may be reclaimed by the animal’s owner or caregiver;

            (iii)    The fees associated with reclaiming an animal; and

            (iv)    Any identification or documentation that must be provided to the animal shelter before an animal may be reclaimed; and

        (2)    An annual summary of intake and disposition data reported to the Department in accordance with § 2–1602 of this title.

    (b)    An animal shelter shall follow its written protocol for reclaiming animals.

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