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Statutes Text

Article - Agriculture


    (a)    The following positions and units are included within the Department:

        (1)    The Maryland Agricultural Fair Board;

        (2)    The Chief of Weights and Measures;

        (3)    The State Chemist;

        (4)    The State Veterinarian;

        (5)    The State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners;

        (6)    The State Soil Conservation Committee;

        (7)    The Maryland Agricultural Commission;

        (8)    The Maryland Horse Industry Board;

        (9)    The Maryland Winery and Grape Growers’ Advisory Board;

        (10)    The Seafood Marketing Advisory Commission; and

        (11)    The State Specialist for Value–Added Agriculture.

    (b)    The Secretary shall appoint the State Chemist, State Veterinarian, State Specialist for Value–Added Agriculture, and Chief of Weights and Measures.

    (c)    The Department also includes any other position or unit which is declared within the Department pursuant to law.

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