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Article - Agriculture


    (a)    (1)    In this section the following words have the meanings indicated.

        (2)    “Animal rescue organization” includes:

            (i)    A nonprofit organization incorporated for the purpose of rescuing animals in need and finding permanent adoptive homes for the animals; and

            (ii)    A government–operated animal control unit that provides animals for adoption.

        (3)    “Research facility” includes:

            (i)    A higher education research facility;

            (ii)    A scientific research facility;

            (iii)    A medical research facility; and

            (iv)    A product testing facility.

        (4)    “Scientific research purposes” includes:

            (i)    Investigation;

            (ii)    Experimentation;

            (iii)    Instruction; and

            (iv)    Testing.

    (b)    This section applies to a dog or cat that, in the determination of an attending veterinarian, is suitable for adoption.

    (c)    A research facility located in the State in which dogs or cats are used for scientific research purposes shall take reasonable steps to provide for the adoption of a dog or cat that, in the determination of the research facility, is no longer needed for scientific research purposes by:

        (1)    Establishing a private placement process to provide for the adoption of a dog or cat;

        (2)    Establishing a list of animal rescue organizations that are approved by the research facility and are willing to take a dog or cat from the research facility; and

        (3)    Offering the dog or cat to the animal rescue organizations identified in the list established under item (2) of this subsection if the research facility is unable to place the dog or cat through its private placement process.

    (d)    A research facility may enter into a collaborative agreement with an animal rescue organization for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this section.

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