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Statutes Text

Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    The Board may issue a nonrefillable container permit for draft beer to a holder of:

        (1)    a Class B beer and wine license;

        (2)    a Class D beer and wine license;

        (3)    a Class BD–BWL license; or

        (4)    if the licensed premises is in Damascus (12th election district), in accordance with § 25–1603 of this title, a Class H beer and wine license.

    (b)    An applicant for the permit shall complete the form that the Board provides.

    (c)    The hours of sale for the permit begin and end at the same time as those for the underlying license.

    (d)    The permit may be renewed each year with the renewal of the underlying license.

    (e)    The Board shall issue the permit at no cost to the applicant.

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