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Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    There is a Class C (private country club) beer, wine, and liquor license.

    (b)    Three officers of the private country club shall apply for the license.

    (c)    The Board may issue the license for use by a private country club that:

        (1)    is organized for social purposes;

        (2)    has been incorporated since at least 1 year before the application for the license was made;

        (3)    has at least 75 members;

        (4)    prepares and serves meals to members and their guests during regular operating hours;

        (5)    is in the 14th election district or wherever else is allowed in the county; and

        (6)    has made at least $500,000 in capital expenditures for structures, improvements, equipment, and furnishings used in the private country club.

    (d)    The license authorizes the license holder to sell beer, wine, and liquor to members and their guests for consumption in the structures and on the surrounding grounds of the licensed premises.

    (e)    The license holder may sell beer, wine, and liquor during the hours and days as set out for a Class B beer, wine, and liquor license under § 20–2005 of this title.

    (f)    The annual license fee is $2,000.

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