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Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    There is a distillery off–site permit.

    (b)    The Comptroller may grant the permit to a holder of a Class 1 distillery license or a Class 9 limited distillery license that meets the requirements of this section.

    (c)    During an event listed in subsection (e) of this section, the permit holder may:

        (1)    provide to a consumer not more than four liquor samples that:

            (i)    have been produced by the permit holder; and

            (ii)    do not exceed one–quarter of 1 fluid ounce for each offering; and

        (2)    sell to a consumer liquor that has been produced by the permit holder for off–premises consumption.

    (d)    While selling liquor or providing samples of liquor at an event, the permit holder shall have present at least one individual who is certified by an approved alcohol awareness program.

    (e)    The permit may be used at the following events:

        (1)    the Frederick County Agricultural Fair;

        (2)    the Maryland State Agricultural Fair;

        (3)    the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair;

        (4)    the North Beach Friday Night Farmers’ Market;

        (5)    other farmers’ markets that are listed on the farmers’ market directory of the Maryland Department of Agriculture;

        (6)    a nonprofit beer, wine, and liquor festival under § 2–131 of this subtitle; and

        (7)    not more than 32 other events in a year that have an activity as the major purpose:

            (i)    that is other than the sale and promotion of alcoholic beverages; and

            (ii)    for which the participation of a distillery is a subordinate activity.

    (f)    An applicant for a permit shall complete an application on a form that the Comptroller provides.

    (g)    (1)    (i)    The permit holder shall notify the Comptroller of the permit holder’s intention to attend an event within a time period that the Comptroller determines.

            (ii)    The notice shall be on a form that the Comptroller provides.

        (2)    The Comptroller may adopt regulations to require the permit holder to notify the local licensing board for the jurisdiction where the event is being held of the permit holder’s intention to attend the event.

    (h)    The annual permit fee is $250.

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