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Article - Alcoholic Beverages and Cannabis


    (a)    There is a 1–day beer and wine tasting (BWT) license.

    (b)    The Board may issue the license to a holder of a current license or an organization that qualifies for a Class C beer or Class C beer and wine license under § 4–1203 of this article.

    (c)    (1)    The license authorizes the holder to allow the consumption of beer or wine for tasting if:

            (i)    the consumer is not charged for the beer or wine; and

            (ii)    the beer or wine is consumed on the licensed premises.

        (2)    The license may not be issued to a person more than 26 times in a calendar year.

    (d)    The Board need not publish a license application before granting the license.

    (e)    An individual may consume beer or wine covered by the license in a quantity of not more than:

        (1)    3 ounces from each offering of beer, and 8 ounces from all offerings in a day; and

        (2)    1 ounce from each offering of wine, and 4 ounces from all offerings in a day.

    (f)    At the end of the day for which the license is valid, the license holder shall dispose of beer or wine that remains in a container that was opened for tasting.

    (g)    The license fee is $50.

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