Calendar Date: Apr 10, 2017 2:56 PM
SEQ NO. 1363
Legislative Date: Apr 2, 2017
In Chair: Mr. President
General Assembly of Maryland
Senate of Maryland
2017 Regular Session
Explanation of Motions & Actions
HB 294 Special Orders
Del. Dumais et al                    (JPR)
Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - Definition of
Convicted of a Disqualifying Crime
On Third Reading
27 Yeas     17 Nays     3 Not Voting     0 Excused (Absent)     0 Absent
Voting Yea - 27
Mr. President Kasemeyer Oaks
Astle Kelley Pinsky
Benson King Ramirez
Brochin Lee Robinson
Conway Madaleno Rosapepe
Currie Manno Smith
Feldman McFadden Young
Ferguson Muse Zirkin
Kagan Nathan-Pulliam Zucker
Voting Nay - 17
Bates Hough Ready
Cassilly Jennings Reilly
DeGrange Klausmeier Salling
Eckardt Mathias Simonaire
Edwards Middleton Waugh
Hershey Norman
Not Voting - 3
Guzzone Peters Serafini
Excused from Voting - 0
Excused (Absent) - 0