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Article - State Personnel and Pensions


    (a)    This section does not apply to those units of State government with an independent personnel system.

    (b)    In the State Personnel Management System the Secretary shall:

        (1)    establish classes;

        (2)    assign a rate of pay to each class;

        (3)    ensure that each class comprises one or more positions:

            (i)    that are similar in their duties and responsibilities;

            (ii)    that are similar in the general qualifications required to perform those duties and responsibilities;

            (iii)    to which the same standards and, if required, tests of fitness can be applied; and

            (iv)    to which the same rates of pay can be applied;

        (4)    give each class a descriptive classification title;

        (5)    prepare a description of each class; and

        (6)    (i)    create additional classes; and

            (ii)    abolish, combine, or modify existing classes.

    (c)    The Secretary shall:

        (1)    assign a class to the skilled service, professional service, management service, or executive service, as appropriate; and

        (2)    designate special appointment positions in the State Personnel Management System that:

            (i)    must be filled without regard to political affiliation, belief, or opinion; or

            (ii)    in accordance with § 6–405(b) of this article, may be filled with regard to political affiliation, belief, or opinion.