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Statutes Text

Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    An application for a strategic industry partnership grant under § 11–702(c) of this subtitle shall:

        (1)    include:

            (i)    evidence of shortages in skilled employment within the target industry over a sustained period of time;

            (ii)    a description of specific high–demand occupations or sets of occupations within the target industry; and

            (iii)    the specifics of training programs that would result in individuals obtaining credentials or identifiable skills to facilitate their employment or advancement in the targeted industry; and

        (2)    identify members participating in the strategic industry partnership and include identification of the target industry and the participating local board.

    (b)    Grants may be awarded for skills training consistent with an approved strategic industry partnership plan developed under § 11–702(c) of this subtitle to:

        (1)    industries with identified positions and a demonstrated need for incumbent worker training that can be accessed by employees at their place of employment or other location;

        (2)    industries with an identified workforce shortage that will be seeking to hire individuals to train to meet a specific skill need;

        (3)    a member of a strategic industry partnership that can provide job readiness training to qualified individuals directly or through accounts held at local boards on behalf of the individual; and

        (4)    educational providers that offer training consistent with the goals of the plan.

    (c)    The competitive grant process shall give priority to strategic industry partnerships that maximize the potential of the collaboration through direct financial or in–kind contributions by members of the target industry.

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