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Article - Insurance


    (a)    This section does not apply to:

        (1)    insurance on the life of a debtor in connection with a specific loan or other credit transaction;

        (2)    insurance on a debtor that provides indemnity for payments that are due on a specific loan or other credit transaction while the debtor is disabled as defined in the policy; or

        (3)    life insurance or an annuity used to fund a pre-need contract as defined in § 7-101 of the Health Occupations Article or a preneed burial contract as defined in § 5-701 of the Business Regulation Article.

    (b)    An insurer may not directly or indirectly, or by an insurance producer or representative of the insurer, participate in a plan to offer or effect a kind or kinds of life insurance, health insurance, or annuities in the State as an inducement to, or in combination with, the purchase by the public of goods, securities, commodities, services or subscriptions to periodicals.