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Article - Education


    (a)    The following principles of The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future are intended to transform Maryland’s early childhood, primary, and secondary education system to the levels of high–performing systems around the world so that Maryland’s education system:

        (1)    Provides its students with instruction and skills set to international standards that will enable them to be successful in the 21st–century economy and productive citizens of the State;

        (2)    Gives its children access to educational experiences and opportunities beginning in early childhood that enable them to reach their full promise and potential and be ready for success in college and a rewarding career by the end of high school; and

        (3)    Elevates overall student performance to be among the world’s best and eliminates achievement and opportunity gaps between students from different family incomes, races, ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, and other defining characteristics.

    (b)    Achieving the principles of The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future will require a sustained and coordinated statewide effort and a strong accountability system that will hold all entities accountable for implementing the policies effectively so that the public and especially parents will have confidence that the investment in the policies outlined in § 1–303 of this subtitle will achieve the desired outcomes.